Grounds Services

Lawn & Garden Care

Throughout the warm months, the Grounds Team cares for Queen's sprawling lawns, gardens, trees and outdoor hardscaping. In the spring, the team works on winter cleanup to get the grounds looking ship-shape and plants trees to bolster our Campus Canopy and replace any lost over the winter.

Their work continues with diligent maintenance of the outdoor waste and recycling receptacles, nurturing campus plants and gardens, filling potholes and making plans for repairs of pathways, steps, garden walls and other hardscaping elements across campus.

Snow & Ice Removal

The Grounds Team makes Queen's a safe place for pedestrians and vehicles in the winter by keeping the many paths and roads on campus salted and plowed.

Winter Safety Tips

Please consider the following strategies from Environmental Health & Safety to help you stay upright during the winter season!

  1. Adjust your gaitShorten your stride to keep your centre of gravity supported. Also, walk with your knees slightly bent, as locking your knees reduces your ability to adjust to a slip.
  2. Slow downTake slow, deliberate steps and be on the lookout for icy spots. Place your whole foot down at once, shifting your weight slowly to this foot before stepping with the other foot.
  3. Balance your load: Consider wearing a backpack instead of carrying bags in your hands. Backpacks keep your load closer to your centre of gravity. Do not walk with your hands in your pockets for the same reason.
  4. Wear appropriate footwearFootwear with a thick rubber or non-slip sole is recommended. Avoid wearing heels and footwear with minimal tread.
  5. Entering/exiting your vehicleTake care when stepping into/out of your car as you are usually off balance and on only one foot. This increases your chance of slipping.
  6. Snow covered curbsExercise caution around snow covered curbs on paths and roadways.
  7. Entering/exiting buildings: Entrance ways may be slippery - exercise caution around snow covered curbs on paths and roadways.
  8. Overhead snow & ice: Be cautious of snow and ice on top and on the side of buildings. Keep clear of potentially hazardous hanging snow or ice. 

Report an Issue

To report a maintenance issue such as:

  • uncleared snow or ice
  • slippery sidewalks due to missing floor matts 
  • tripping hazards
  • damaged windows
  • etc.

Please contact Client Services (Fixit).