Campus Planning and Real Estate

Campus Planning and Real Estate plans campuses and all spaces within to be welcoming, accessible, inclusive, and supportive of the people who use these spaces, so everyone can thrive, excel and feel they belong.


What We Do

Our team ensures that new development and changes to the built environment align with the principles and goals of the Campus Master Plan, and that campus planning is conducted through an integrated approach that ensures the long-term sustainability and management of the University’s architectural, environmental, and cultural resources.

Campus Planning and Real Estate is committed to undertaking land use assessments and strategic space planning, assessing the long term needs based on programmatic and enrollment changes and optimizing space utilization on Queen’s Campus.


Campus Planning and Real Estate offers strategic planning services to all sectors of the University.

Our goal is to help create and maintain a quality learning and work environment, and to do so with important long term planning issues in mind.

Campus Planning

Accessibility, Inclusion and Wellbeing

Planning of the Interior Built Environment

Signage and Wayfinding

Real Estate