Cycling at Queen's

Queen's University is a bike friendly campus. Members of our community are encouraged to use alternative transportation, such as cycling, when possible.

 Visit for great resources on maintaining your ride.

Secure Bike Storage

Secure bike parking offers a more secure space to lock and park personal bikes using a gated area and access control. These installations support and enhance our cycling community by removing barriers regarding bicycle theft, in turn promoting alternative methods of low-carbon transportation.

A secure bike storage facility has been installed at the courtyard between Mackintosh-Corry Hall and Dunning Hall. An additional location is currently under construction at Stirling Hall and is estimated to be available for use in summer 2023.

Each facility is secured by a 10-foot tall metal fence with an access-controlled point of entry.

The following fee applies to use of the secure storage area (please note: there is no fee to use the 400+ bike racks on campus).

Register for a secure bike parking space

Pass Duration Annual Fee
May 1 - April 30 $25

  Register your bike/Report your bike stolen

  • A secure bike parking facility is available for use between Macintosh-Corry Hall and Dunning Hall for permit holders
  • Permits will be valid during the annual subscription period, from May 1 – April 31
  • There is an annual fee to use the facility of $25.
  • The full annual fee will be charged to new subscribers at any point during the annual subscription period
  • A waiting list will be created for requests after the space is full.
  • Proof of university affiliation (student and/or employee ID number) is required before purchase of permit will be completed
  • Registrants will be granted access through activation of their existing key fob or given a key fob
  • Permit holders will be notified by email approximately 6 weeks ahead of expiry and given priority to renew their permit for the facility
  • The university is not liable for any bikes that may be stolen or damaged

  • Users are responsible for providing their own bike locks for added security.
  • Do not lose your key fob. If you do lose your fob, contact the Parking Department to request a fob replacement, and the old one will be deactivated. Fob replacements cost $10 each.
  • Do not share your fob with anybody else. Space is limited and thus only those with membership may store their bike in the facility.
  • The parking facility is provided for daily use only. Bikes that are left in the facility for an extended period will be removed.
  • Always swipe in and out, and do not let others follow you in.
  • Make sure the door closes behind you to keep the compound secure.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to Campus Security immediately by calling 613.533.6111.

  • Keep the space clean and be courteous of other users.
  • Do not leave any personal items in the storage space.
  • Take only one bike space when locking up and do not move other bikes.
  • If you cannot find an available rack, please park your bike away from the racks and lock it to one of the gates. Do not obstruct any other bikes. If you consistently cannot find rack space, please contact Commuter Services by calling 613.533.6979.

1. Safeguard your bike by registering it for free with the Kingston Police Bicycle Registry

2. Buy and use a secure bike lock.

3. Always find a good bike rack to lock up your bike. Use this Sustainability Map to locate bike rack locations on campus. 

4. Bicycles locked to anything other than a bicycle rack will be removed and stored by Commuter Services enforcement. If your bike has been removed from a non-bike rack structure (e.g., a emergency phone structure), call 613.533.6979 or inquire by email.

Bicycle Parking Regulations

The Queen's Parking Regulations for Bicycles are designed to provide the best possible bicycle parking service to the university community. To do so, the Facilities endeavors to:

  • Ensure that bicycle riders have space to park by providing proper bicycle storage racks.
  • Ensure that parked bicycles do not create a safety hazard or impede pedestrian or motorized traffic on campus by removing and impounding improperly parked bicycles.
  • Maintain bicycle parking racks in good physical condition including the removal of snow as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure that effective personal safety measures are maintained, including lighting and emergency phones.

Comments about our bicycle parking program are most welcome.

Staff and students who ride bicycles on campus are asked to park their bicycles properly. A variety of stands and storage racks are provided throughout the campus for proper bicycle parking.

These regulations are issued under the authority of the Facilities, and apply to all areas owned or leased by Queen's University. All persons bringing a bicycle to Queen's University campuses are subject to the regulations detailed in this document.

Bicycle parking is permitted only in areas designated by stands/racks specifically provided for storing bicycles and/or the presence of signs identifying an area as a bicycle parking area.

Bicycles found in violation of these regulations may be removed and impounded by the Parking Office.


Bicycles will be impounded if found parked in the following areas:

  • On or against access ramps including on the outside of access ramp railings.
  • Attached to Emergency (Bluelight) telephone posts.
  • Attached to any tree.
  • Within two metres of a building entrance or exit.
  • On any stairway (inside or outside).
  • On any egress or ingress ramp.
  • On any loading dock.
  • Attached to or beside any handrail or door.
  • Inside buildings.

Not withstanding the above, any bicycle that is parked so as to create a safety hazard, or to impede traffic is subject to impoundment.

Bicycles that are impounded will be tagged and stored in a compound administered by the Parking Office. Impounded bicycles will be released to the owner upon satisfactory proof of ownership (description of bicycle) and payment of impoundment and storage fees.

After 90 days, unclaimed impounded bicycles will be surrendered to Kingston Police for disposal by public auction.

The university is not responsible for any damage or loss to locking devices or bicycles incurred during the removal and impoundment process.

Impoundment Fees

Impoundment and storage fees are as follows:

  • Impoundment Fee - $10.00 per bicycle
  • Storage Fee - $1.00 per day to a maximum of $50.00

Payment of all impoundment and storage fees must be made in the Parking Department in Room 133 at 355 King St. W between 8:00am - noon, Monday - Friday.

Cheques are not accepted as payment for bicycle impoundment fees.

Impoundment and storage fees will be used by the university for the purchase of new bicycle racks.


Bicycle owners may appeal (in writing) charges levied against them to the Manager, Parking, Rideau Building. Impoundment and storage fees must be paid prior to consideration of any appeal. Fees will be refunded if the appeal is successful.

While on campus with your bicycle, make sure you follow general safety guidelines, including the following:

  • Call Campus Security (533-6111) if you see suspicious persons/activity near any bicycle racks.
  • Always lock your bicycle securely to a proper bicycle rack when on campus.
  • Be aware of the location of the emergency (bluelight) telephone closest to where you park your bicycle.
  • Do not leave parcels, valuables etc. attached to your parked bicycle.
  • When bringing your bicycle to campus at night, ensure that your bicycle has a functioning headlamp and reflectors, and wear reflective clothing.

The university accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any bicycle however caused while on any university property.

The university is not responsible for any damage or loss to locking devices or bicycles incurred during the removal and impoundment process.