Design & Construction

We oversee all the University's minor and major renovation projects from concept to reality including:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Tendering
  • Managing

These projects take advantage of services ranging from project management and program management, to benchmarking and feasibility studies ensuring that all construction activities are managed through Facilities.

We work closely with the sponsoring department, the future building user(s) and other stakeholders to achieve a successful project outcome.

Building Design Standards

Awards and Highlights


Livable City Award of Excellence Recipient

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts provides a space for the creative arts to come together under one roof.

Designed by N45 Architecture and Snohetta Design, the building integrates the old and new together seamlessly.

“The Isabel has become a wonderful local venue for world class performing arts and our Facilities team is very proud of the role we played in helping to create it.” - John Witjes, Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities).

2020 Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals Award of Merit in Conservation: Engineering

Building Certification

Green building certification systems have become a popular way to design, build and maintain sustainable buildings. These systems provide a prescriptive approach to ensuring that buildings address a wide field of environmental impacts as well as providing the platform for further promotion and awareness regarding building sustainability.

The Canadian Green Building Council, is the association responsible for the delivery of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification program. The School of Kinesiology and Mitchell Hall are LEED® certified. The Goodes Hall West Wing achieved LEED® Canada-NC Gold Certification in 2015. The new residence building Endaayaan – Tkanónsote has been certified as LEED Gold and the JDUC revitalization project (in progress) is registered but not yet certified.

In addition, Beamish-Munro Hall, also known as the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) is certified with the British Research Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) which is a LEED® alternative.

Canadian Green Building Council

Green Roofs

Queen's has green roofs installed on several buildings including, Goodes Hall, Jeffery Hall, the New Medical Building, BioSciences and Botterell Hall. 

A green roof is a vegetated roofing system that is an extension of a standard roof structure. Green roofs can be either intensive, with greater soil depth providing for a wide range of larger plantings or extensive, with shallower soil depth suitable for only low-growth vegetation.  At a minimum, a green roof will provide all the typical envelop protection from the elements.

Other benefits include enhanced insulating properties compared to typical roofing system because of the added layers of soil and plant life. During rainfall events, the plants and soil will retain water to reduce and filter storm water runoff, this attribute combined with an ability to reduce heat island effect by slightly cooling the immediate vicinity can lead to energy savings. As well, a living roof can be aesthetically pleasing, attract wildlife and become a positive space for building occupants to gather.