Client Services (Fixit)

Our Client Services group is responsible for triaging issues relating to building maintenance, Custodial Support Services and grounds. Direct general inquiries to them by phone at 613.533.6757 (internal 77301) or by email.

Emergency situations should always be reported by phone:

  • Monday to Friday (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.): 613.533.6757 (internal 77301)
  • After 4 p.m. or over weekends: 613.533.6080 (internal 36080)

Examples of emergencies include: flooding, lack of heating or cooling, broken windows, exterior door malfunctions, snow removal/icy conditions or custodial clean-ups.

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Maintenance Work Requests

Repairs to keep Queen’s University facilities and services in proper working condition are considered maintenance.

Billable Work Requests

Required for upgrades and additions to Queen’s University owned buildings, grounds, equipment and furniture. This request is generated because of the client’s desire for changes or improvements. This type of request is considered billable and will require the input of PeopleSoft account values after the Billable Request check-box selection is made.

Maintenance Requests (No Charge) Examples Billable Work Requests Examples
Electrical outlets or lights not working Renovation or alteration of space
Cracked or broken windows Installation of electrical outlets
Elevator malfunction Banner hanging
Ventilation failures - too hot or too cold Custodial support for departmental events
Leaky or non-operational taps, toilets, etc. Installation of whiteboards, shelving, etc.

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If I have a maintenance issue outside of regular working hours. Who do I call?

The Client Services Desk is staffed between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Emergency maintenance issues (e.g., broken windows, exterior door malfunctions, lack of heating or cooling, flooding or custodial clean-ups) should be reported to the Emergency Report Centre at extension 36080 (613.533.6080 external).

Routine maintenance issues may be identified in a voice message for Client Services at extension 77301 (613.533.6757 external) or via work request in the Facilities Maintenance Request System.

The sidewalk leading to our building is very slippery. Who do I call?

Contact Client Services at extension 77301 (613.533.6757 external) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

After-hours ice or snow issues should be reported to the Emergency Report Centre at extension 36080 (613.533.6080 external).

I am purchasing a piece of new lab equipment.  What is the process for having it installed?

All equipment requiring an electrical service must carry an approved Canadian Safety Authority (CSA) sticker. Once that is confirmed, submit a billable work request in the Facilities Maintenance Request System to request the assistance of an electrician.

Who do I contact if equipment is not CSA approved?

Equipment cannot be installed or connected if it does not carry appropriate electrical approvals. It is the responsibility of the equipment owner/purchaser to organize and pay for a product field inspection. In addition to ESA there are several other recognized field evaluation agencies.

I have mice in my office. Who do I call to get rid of them?

Environmental Health & Safety have a contract with Abell Pest Control who take care of pest problems inside campus buildings. They can be reached at 613-533-2999 or email.

Pest problems outside of campus buildings can be reported to Client Services at extension 77301 or by email.

My windows have not been cleaned in several years. Who do I contact to make this happen?

Window cleaning requests should be directed to Custodial Support Services at extension 36363 (613.533.6363 external) or by email.