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 Location and Mailing

Rideau Building (2nd Floor)
207 Stuart St
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 3N6

 Client Services

External Telephone: 613.533.6757
Internal Telephone: ext. 77301

 Custodial Services

Telephone: 613.533.6363

  Commuter Services

External Telephone: 613.533.6979
Internal Telephone: ext. 36979


 General Inquiries

Telephone: 613.533.6075
Fax: 613.533.6469

Team Directory

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
John Witjes Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities) Ext. 33235
Tracy Elliott Executive Assistant Ext. 36827

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Tony Gkotsis Director, Campus Planning and Real Estate Ext. 77287
Stephanie Wardman  Designer Ext. 32026
Maridee Osolinsky Planner Ext. 75605
Darcy McNinch Functional Space Planning Analyst  
Rose-Marie Pennock Leasing Coordinator  
Andrea Brown Designer Ext. 33045

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Donna Stover Manager, Commuter Services Ext. 77589
Rebecca Cavanaugh Assistant, Commuter Services Ext. 36979

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Samuel Whyte Director, Quality and Service Excellence (Custodial) Ext. 32578


Custodial Support Services Team

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Barbara Russell Administrative Assistant Ext. 36363
Henry Soriba Manager, Projects Team Ext. 33043
Mitrajit Nilay Manager, Afternoons Ext. 33046
Michael McLean Manager, Days Ext. 33044
Ann Mcbean Supervisor, Green Team Ext. 33040
Alexander Bien Supervisor, Red Team Ext. 33142
Sereena Kiddoe Supervisor, Blue Team Ext. 33142
David Brown Interim Manager, Nights Ext. 33043
Shaun Baddeley Supervisor, Nights Ext. 33142

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Carola Bloedorn Director, Design and Construction Ext. 36457
Scott Garrett Assistant Director, Project Management Ext. 36006


Project Management

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
David Waite Senior Project Manager Ext.32920
Jamie Thompson Senior Project Manager Ext. 32127
Asim Malik Senior Project Manager Ext. 33394
Barrie Carson Senior Project Manager Ext. 32131
Sola Ashcroft Project Manager  
Raj Shekhar Senior Project Manager Ext. 36077
Cheyenne Dechamplain  Assistant Project Manager Ext. 32146
Randell Sullivan Project Manager Ext. 36019
Wissam Annous Assistant Project Manager Ext. 32004
Michelle Weir Project Manager Ext. 36670
Erik Harmsen Interim Project Manager Ext. 75013
Kate Antoine Assistant Project Manager  
Andrew Willott Assistant Project Manager  

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Nathan Splinter Manager, Energy and Sustainability Ext. 32961
Dave Gerrish Energy Specialist Ext. 32461
Noah Richards Energy Engineer - Intern Ext: 77585
Llynwen Osborne Resource and Recovery Specialist Ext. 33396

Area Management

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
vacant Facilities Manager, Area 1 Ext. 36481
Chris Bagshaw Manager, Area 2 Ext. 36024
Gord Meacher Manager, Area 3 Ext. 32878
Don Conners Manager, Area 4 Ext. 32902


Campus Grounds

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Matthew Barrett Grounds Manager Ext. 36048


Central Heating Plant

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
John Korince Chief Engineer Ext. 36076
Scott Ferguson Manager, Refrigeration and Small Boiler Systems Ext. 36966
  CHP Control Room Ext. 77597


Client Services (Fixit)

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Todd Hartrick Manager, Operations Client Services Ext. 77519
Heather Dubois Assistant Ext. 78141
Nicole Gora Assistant Ext. 78050
FIXIT Contact Ext. 77301


Engineering Services

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Janet Pollard Electrical Engineer Ext. 32613
Xin Li Electrical Engineer Ext. 36022
Shawn Milne Mechanical Engineer Ext. 36418
Viet Tran Mechanical Engineer Ext. 32173
Peter Donovan Drafting Person Ext. 75958


Financial Department

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Jennifer Mallon Director, Finance (Facilities) Ext. 36581
Karlie Strickland Payroll and Finance Clerk Ext. 77586
Karen Joyce Financial Analyst Ext. 77587
Jamie MacMunn Projects Assistant Ext. 77591
Marissa Dolan Financial Officer Ext. 33319
Lisa Crosbie-Larmon Director, Human Resources Ext. 33102
vacant Financial Administrator Ext. 75279


Materials Management

Name Title Phone (613.533.6000)
Kevin Darlington Stores - Buyer Ext. 36074
John Plumridge Stores - Buyer Ext. 36074
Andy Alger Stores - Buyer Ext. 36074