Duncan McArthur Hall Project Overview

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Rendering of Duncan McArthur Hall renovation exterior from the south side.

Duncan McArthur Hall, located on the West Campus of Queen’s University, is home to the Faculty of Education.

The university is set to begin a redevelopment of Duncan McArthur Hall in May 2024. Work will include an expansion of the first floor into the space under the building overhang and renovation of the existing first floor of ‘A’ wing (east wing), parts of the second floor, and the “student street” that connects the two wings of the building.

The first floor of the building will shift to a welcoming, student-centered space. First floor administrative offices will be relocated to the second floor, and modern teaching and student spaces will be created, including three active-learning classrooms with capacity for 25, 50 and 100 students. The existing Indigenous Teacher Education Program spaces will be renovated with a new Indigenous student lounge with direct access to the outdoors. A new pedestrian walkway to the east of the building will replace the walkway currently under the east canopy. The enhancements to the existing courtyard will also improve opportunities for outdoor teaching and learning.

The work will also ensure renovated and new areas of the building meet the Queen’s Accessible Facility Design Standards, including a new accessible ramp to the south, and improved pedestrian crossings.

During the renovation, the Faculty of Education will utilize flexible workspaces at 355 King Street West.

Growth Driving Expansion

The Faculty of Education has substantially expanded its program offerings and enrolment over the last few years in non-credit programs in the School of English, and Professional Studies, and credit programs such as the multisession programs in Indigenous Teacher Education Program, Technological Education, and French as a Second Language.

This growth has increased the number of students, staff, and faculty that need space in Duncan McArthur Hall. New classroom and student spaces with improved accessibility are needed and will enhance the ability of the Faculty to realize further enrolment growth and revenue generation. The creation of contemporary, inclusive 21st century academic facilities that appeal to international and Indigenous students, will allow for program growth and opportunities, create room for innovation with greater integration of technology, and increase overall accessibility.

All new renovated areas and expansion of the facility will use modern building materials intended to realize a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Where feasible, the project will meet Queen’s Building Design Standards regarding environmental sustainability, which include such things as energy efficiency targets, air quality, and low impact materials selections.

The project is expected to be complete and ready for use by September 2025.

Project Updates

Activity and Description Anticipated Duration
Overall Project Timeline: Additional details to follow as construction progress. The overall project is expected to take approximately one year. Summer 2024 – 2025

University temporarily delays Duncan McArthur Hall redevelopment

Queen’s has temporarily delayed plans for the redevelopment of Duncan McArthur Hall, located on its West Campus.

The University is assessing the impact of several key market factors, including recent escalating costs, supply chain challenges, and labour availability, to determine the best next steps and timing for the project.  

University continues Duncan McArthur Hall redevelopment

Queen's has continued the redevelopment of Duncan McArthur Hall, located on its West Campus, with an updated and adjusted scope to align with goals for the project.

 Project Background & FAQs

  • The project will expand the ground floor of the “A” wing of DMH, creating three active-learning classrooms with capacity for 25, 50, and 100 students.

  • This will utilize the undeveloped area under the current building overhang to replace it with a new pedestrian walkway.

  • Includes enhancing the existing Indigenous Teacher Education Program spaces, as well as renovating with a new Indigenous student lounge.

  • The renovations will ensure the development is accessible, adhering to existing campus policy and guidelines regarding universal design. 

  • The re-development and growth of the academic facilities will allow for new programs and opportunities, creating room for innovation, greater integration of technology, and increased access for students that are currently restricted due to barriers in the current facilities.

Renovations and expansion of the existing "A" wing are targeted to start in May of 2024 with the building targeted for occupancy Fall of 2025. Please sign up here for project updates.

As planning for the project moves ahead, and more details become available in the coming weeks and months, Queen’s will communicate with area neighbours about project plans and details related to construction. Please sign up here for project updates. If you have questions, please contact us at construction@queensu.ca.

The project will incorporate sustainable technologies to minimize greenhouse gases in support of the sustainability goals set out in the Queen’s Climate Action Plan, as well as follow Queen's Building Standards regarding environmental sustainability. This includes things such as energy efficiency targets in the building operation, air quality, and low impact materials selections.