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Website Accessibility

Queens’ University has developed an official resource on creating accessible websites: The Web Standards and Accessibility Development Guide.

Before beginning to author or update a site, please refer to the Web Standards and Accessibility Guide. It is a resource filled with all the necessary information and considerations you must make in order to successfully develop an accessible website. The Queen’s Web Standards Guide follows World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) guidelines - put in place by an international community to maintain web and accessibility standards. However, the guide is intended for people who have some knowledge  and experience with website creation and editing. People also need to be aware that Ontario Regulation 191/11, section 14 is meant to ensure website accessibility by specified dates. Websites under the queensu domain need to adhere to this regulation.

If you're not an experienced website creator and editor, you can use WebPublish, which generally creates accessible and user-friendly websites.

The Accessibility Hub How-to Guide on Website Accessibility offers a basic guide and checklist of things to consider when creating an accessible website which can be applied to use with WebPublish II, as well as any other web publication tool.

Please note: For this tutorial we are focusing on webpage accessibility principles and practices using html code and WebPublish. Please use the addition tutorials if your website contains or is the following:

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