for Graduates

Transition to Employment

Congratulations on graduating Queen's! Did you receive academic accommodations? If so, you might need to put some thought on transitioning to work and whether you would benefit from workplace accommodations. Career Services has resources and services to help students.

  • Strategize about asking for accommodation(s) during the hiring process or on the job
  • Think about disclosure (is it necessary? When to do it? How to do it?)
  • Connect with “disability-friendly” employer organizations
  • Leverage your relevant experience (paid or unpaid) in resumes and interviews
  • Use tools to determine career options that fit your unique interests, skills and needs

Career Services also has an accessible workstation for student use. It is equipped with JAWS, Kurzweil 3000, Dragon etc. in our Career Information Area (3rd floor, Gordon Hall).

Contact Information - Career Services

Tel: (613) 533-2992
Fax: (613) 533-2535 
Location: Gordon Hall, 3rd floor

Career Services

Career Services at Queen’s
Career Services offers drop-in career advising (no appointment required) as well as 1-1 career consultations (in person or by telephone) to help you strategize about career direction (e.g. What are my options?  How do I get where I want to go?), job search (e.g. resumes, cover letters, interview techniques), further education (e.g. grad or professional school, post-degree diplomas) and more.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
Canada-wide network of organizations and individuals. Our mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities.

Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities
A federally incorporated non-profit dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities.

Lime Connect
Assist to connect university students and alumni with disabilities and global corporations as an untapped source of talent.

National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
A Consumer organization, with a mandate to encourage the self-empowerment of post-secondary students with disabilities.

Ontario Disability Employment Network
A professional body of employment service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability.

Ontario Disability Program: Employment Support
Employment support or for starting own business.

Service Canada: Canada Pension Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Helps people who receive a Canada Pension Plan disability benefit return to Canada's labour market.

Able and Available Job Board
An online platform with the goal to support people with any disability to find a job. Companies posting jobs here are committed to inclusion and diversity and willing to make accommodations as necessary.

Career Services at Queen’s
Year-round listings of jobs and internships in Kingston and elsewhere. Search for part-time, summer, internship or after-graduation job opportunities.

KEYS Job Centre
KEYS Job Centre is a community-based centre with expertise in employment and employment related services as well as a regularly updated job board.

Queen's is committed to ensuring that all of our Convocation participants - graduates, guests and faculty - experience a day that is enjoyable, as well as memorable. If you are a guest with a disability coming to Queen's for a convocation ceremony, please visit the "for Visitors" section for more information for visiting the Queen's campus.

It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible, and no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Doors open 90 minutes prior to each ceremony. Arriving early ensures that you will receive suitable seating before the Procession, which begins 15 minutes prior to the start time.  If a graduate or a guest attending Convocation has a disability, seating can be reserved by completing an online PDF form under the 'Arrival and Guest seating section.

Please note that the Form must be submitted by the graduate on behalf of their guest(s).