Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Queen's University is committed to providing full access to education for students with disabilities while maintaining academic integrity. One of the roles of the Queen's Student Accessibility Service (QSAS) is to determine accommodation plans for students with disabilities. Accommodation planning is a collaborative effort between the student, faculty, and the advisor of the QSAS to find the most effective, efficient, and equitable solutions. Everyone involved has their own responsibilities.

Faculty and Staff teaching students with disabilities at Queen's University have a responsibility to:

  • make themselves aware of the university's Disability Accommodation Statement.  All Faculty and Staff are encouraged to add the statement to their course syllabi
  • work to accommodate students with disabilities in a manner consistent with guidelines and procedures as communicated by QSAS while ensuring academic integrity and standards are preserved
  • work collaboratively with students with disabilities, QSAS staff, faculty colleagues, faculty administration, SGS and other university employees to ensure that approved accommodations are implemented in a manner that protects the student's dignity, as well as their right to privacy and confidentiality 
  • consult with QSAS in responding to requests for accommodations for reasons of a disability or health condition by students who are not registered with QSAS.