Photos, images, and icons

With the prevalence of digital cameras today, adding photographic images to web pages has become quicker and easier. However, page authors and developers must remember that by default, most digital cameras produce images at 300 d.p.i (dots per inch), which allows for clear, crisp printing. Computer monitors do not need this amount of digital information, and will display images, with equal clarity, files that are roughly 30% the digital size of their originals. These files take 1/3 the time to download. All photographs must therefore be optimized for digital use, using appropriate digital editing software.

Should the need exist for a high resolution photograph (for example 300 d.p.i print quality), a link to download the photograph should be provided, as opposed to the direct insertion of the high resolution photo into the web page. Information about the size and dimensions of the image should be provided in the link. For example: Photo also available in a high-resolution version (500Kb).

Photos, images, and icons Standards

Standard #1

All photos used on Queen's University web pages must be optimized for web use.

Standard #2

High-resolution photos intended for printing should be linked to from a page, and not "embedded" directly into the page.

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Icons should be carefully chosen and deployed to avoid confusion.

When creating and using icons, developers must take care that the implied meaning of the icon is very clear. While some icons may be very self-evident (an icon of a printer for example), others may not (does a magnifying glass mean "search" or "enlarge the text"?). When creating and using custom icons, a legend that clearly identifies each icon is recommended to avoid any confusion.

The use of third party icons (often used to identify software and other goods or sponsorships) on Queen's web pages must be pre-approved by University Relations, to ensure that their use is in compliance with both University policy and the usage policy and requirements of the owner of the mark in question.

More Photos, images, and icons Standards

Standard #3

The use of third party icons on Queen's hosted web pages must be pre-approved by Queen's University Relations.

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