Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)

In 2011, the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards became law, enacting standards in the areas of Employment, Information and Communication, and Transportation.

  1. Customer Service: outlines what organizations must do to provide their goods and services in ways that are accessible to persons with disabilities. This standard came into force on January 1, 2008;
  2. Design of Public Spaces: covers the requirements for specific features of our public spaces make it easier for people with disabilities to move through and use the environment;
  3. Employment: requirements for businesses and organizations make accessibility a regular part of finding, hiring and supporting employees with disabilities. The Accessibility Hub has information regarding employment accessibility for faculty and staff of the university;
  4. Information and Communication: regulates how organizations will be required to provide, create, and receive information and communications that are accessible to persons with disabilities. There are several sections of Information and Communications Standards of the IASR that are relevant to Queen's University community. The Accessibility Hub has many tutorials available to ensure teaching methods, documents, and communications are accessible and comply with AODA regulations;
  5. Transportation: regulations that apply to modes of transportation under the jurisdiction of municipal and provincial governments. However, if/when Queen's provides transportation services, it is required to provide accessible vehicles or equivalent services upon request.