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Chris Bongie

Chris Bongie


PhD Stanford 

  • colonial and postcolonial literary and cultural studies
  • nineteenth-century transatlantic studies
  • Caribbean literature
  • CV/Bio (PDF 300 KB)

"Some (inter-)disciplinary rubrics that may be useful in characterizing my ongoing research on the Haitian Revolution as well as recent graduate seminars related to this work are: Caribbean Studies; Transatlantic Romantic Studies; Slavery and Abolition Studies; Critical Race Studies; and Post/Colonial Studies. While such a list of 'keywords' conveys next to nothing about the intellectual aims of a long-simmering project like Phoenix Rising: Race, Literacy, and the Emergence of Early Haitian Studies or the actual content of seminars such as 'Remembering Slavery: History, Memory, and the Caribbean/Diasporic Novel' or 'Zombies: A Post/Colonial History,' perhaps, at the very least, it might excite enough curiosity to induce you, the prospective Queen’s English Department student, to click on the following link for a more detailed narrative regarding my research and teaching/supervision interests (PDF 300 KB)."


2020-21 Courses

  • ENGL 476 001-3/3.0 Topics in Postcolonial Literatures – Zombies: A Post/Colonial History
  • ENGL 877 Topics in Postcolonial Literatures II: Caribbean Modernisms

Recent Publications

“A Flexible Quill: Abbé de Lahaye’s Role in Late Colonial Saint-Domingue – The Legend and the Life.” Atlantic Studies 15.4 (2018): 476-503.

“Victor Hugo and the Melancholy Novel: Reading the Haitian Revolution in Bug-Jargal.” French Studies 72.2 (2018): 176-93.

“The Cry of History: Juste Chanlatte and the Unsettling (Presence) of Race in Early Haitian Literature.” MLN 130.4 (2015): 807-35.

“Haiti, History, and the Law: Colin Dayan’s Fables of Conversion.” Small Axe 45 (2014): 162-77.

“Memories of Development: Vastey’s Le système colonial dévoilé and the Performance of Literacy.” In Baron de Vastey, The Colonial System Unveiled. Ed. C. Bongie. Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2014. 247-84.

Current Supervisions

Mitch Crouse, Golnar Karimi, Jhordan Layne (about students)