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Photo of Sally Brooke Cameron

Sally Brooke Cameron

Associate Professor

PhD Notre Dame 

  • gender and economics in Victorian Literature
  • nineteenth-century transatlantic fiction
  • Victorian slum fiction and reform culture
  • vampires and food studies
  • CV/Bio (PDF 72 KB)

"Much of my research focuses on gender and economic themes in Victorian and fin-de-siècle literature. I have also recently turned my attention to children’s literature, as well as popular horror (including Vampire Studies). I am interested in working with students on questions of class and social reform in nineteenth-century fiction, gender and feminist writings in the Victorian period, and horror fiction or representations of the monstrous 'Other' in policing bodies of desire."


Recent Publications

Critical Alliances: Economics and Feminism in English Women’s Writing, 1880-1914. Forthcoming with the University of Toronto Press, Nov 2019.

“George Egerton’s Keynotes: Food and Feminism at the Fin de Siècle.” Victorian Literature and Culture. 42.6 (2018): 309-330.

"Little Wanderers: The British Home Children in Canada." International Migrations in the Victorian Era. Ed Marie Ruiz. Boston: Brill Press, 2018. 532-554 (for the Brill series “Studies in Global Migration History”).

“Women’s Slum Journalism, 1885-1910.” The History of British Women’s Writing, 1880-1920. Ed. Holly A. Laird. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 245-57.

"Consuming Appetites and the Modern Vampire." Revenant: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural 1.1 (2015): 79-101. With Suyin Olguin. 

Current Supervisions

Alicia Alves, Emma McTavish, Suyin Olguin, Alyce Soulodre (about students)