Clark Hall - 30 Fifth Field Company Lane



Location: Clark Hall is located down Fifth Field Company Lane South of Nicol Hall. The main entrance gives access to the Campus Bookstore, and the side door gives access to Clark Hall Pub.


The north-east entrance is accessible and have automatic door openers.

The south-east entrance is accessible and has automatic door openers.

The south entrance leading to Clark Hall Pub is inaccessible.

This entrance is accessible and have automatic entrances.

Building Accessibility Features

Elevators: Interior accessible route to elevator allows access to the main floor, upper level offices, and lower level stacks. There is no elevator access to Clark Hall Pub.

Washrooms: There are single-user accessible washrooms on basement and second floor with no power door. Single-user washrooms: floor 0 room 20, floor 2 room 225, floor 2 room 226.

Services: Bookstore staff are available to assist users as needed.

Parking: Permit parking is available in the parking lot behind Miller Hall. There is one accessible meter space on Union Street across from Miller Hall.