Grant Hall - 43 University Avenue


Location: Grant Hall is located on University Avenue south of Ontario Hall.


Grant Hall can be entered through Kingston Hall, there is also a backdoor to the east that non-accessible due to a set of stairs from the parking area in between Kingston Hall and Grant Hall.

The main entrance to Grant Hall is accessible and has an automatic door opener. There is access to the main floor only. Access to the stage for an event can be arranged through the event's organizer well in advance.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are doors that act as barriers in the corridors however these doors remain opener whenever there are programs in Grant Hall. 

Washrooms: An accessible single-user washroom is located on the main floor near the rear lobby door. It has no power door. Single-user washroom 112.

Services: There is an emergency phone on level 1 by the back entrance. Contact event organizers for individual event accommodations.

Parking: Permit parking is available behind of Grant Hall. To get from this parking area to the front entrance of Grant Hall, follow the lane towards Ontario Hall out of the parking lot then turn left. Three accessible meter spaces are located on the South side of Stuart Street opposite the Underground Parking Garage entrance. Accessible parking is also available in the Underground Parking Garage. Exit the Parking Garage through the Kingston General Hospital/Etherington Hall tunnel

Water Fountain: There is an accessible water fountain with bottle fill station on level 1 outside room 122 (washroom).