The Law Building - 128 Union Street


Location: The Law Building is located on Union Street, east of the Robert Sutherland Building.


North (main & accessible):
The main entrance is accessible with a level entry and automatic door opener. 

South (accessible):
A ramp between Mackintosh Corry Hall and Policy Studies Building leads to this entrance. There is an automatic door opener.

Other Entrances:
Interior link, there is a link, but no automatic opener, from Mackintosh Corry Hall B5 to the Law Building level 3.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are doors that act as barriers in corridors, however they are equipped with door operator buttons. 

Elevators: All building levels are accessible. There is an elevator near the main entrance and one on the east wall between level 1 and level 0 lecture halls/auditoriums. The main entrance elevator measures 52” by 80” with an entry way of 42”. The east elevator measures 52” by 68”. There is also a central elevator running between levels 1 to 3. Neither elevator is equipped with an audible announcement system or Braille buttons nor is either mirror lined.

Wayfinding: The signage for this building is located on a freestanding sign to the right side of the main entrance.

Washrooms: Accessible single-user washrooms are located on level 1, 2, and next to the library, on level 3. Washrooms doors are equipped with operator buttons except the 3rd floor washroom. Multi-user accessible washrooms are on level 1 without automatic door opener.

Services: For more information on library accessibility check the Lederman Law Library website. Library staff can assist users.

Check the classroom website for the accessibility of  The Law Building classrooms.

Parking: Permit parking is available for the underground parking garage on Union Street west of the building and the surface lot on Albert Street. There are 3 accessible meter spots on Alfred Street at Union Street just across from the building.

Water Fountain: There is an accessible water fountain with bottle fill station in the lower level by room 001, 100, on the second floor near room 201, and on the third floor by room 301.