Queen’s Daycare - 184 Union Street



Location: 184 Union Street is located on the corner of Union Street and Albert Street.


North (Main entrance):
The main entrance is not accessible. It is equipped with a gate at the end of the cement entranceway towards the entrance where there is a set of stairs with railings on either side leading up to the doorway.

South (Accessible entrance):
The alternative entrance at the south is accessible and equipped with a ramp. There is however still a gate without power operators leading up to the accessible entranceway.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are doors that act as barriers in the corridors. The second & basement levels are inaccessible due to lack of elevator within building.

Elevators: There is no elevator in this building, therefore the second floor and basement are inaccessible.

Ramps: No interior ramp, just alternative entranceway ramp noted above.

Wayfinding: The signage for this building is located on a sign located on the left-most corner of the north-facing side of the building beside a main-floor window.

Washrooms: The facility is equipped with adult and children’s washrooms. The adult washrooms are inaccessible.

Services: Queen’s Daycare is located within this building.

Parking: There is street parking and a parking lot located across the street on the south side.