Summerhill - 55 Stuart Street


Location: Summerhill is located east of Theological Hall and faces Stuart Street and the Kingston General Hospital.  


There is a back entrance to Summerhill, but it is not accessible and often locked.

South (main)
The main entrance to Summerhill is not accessible. There is a staircase up to the entrance.

West (accessible)
The walkway on the west side of Summerhill leads to the accessible entrance, located on the terrace at the front of the west wing. It enters onto the 1st floor and Alumni Affairs Office. The entrance door does not have an automatic opener and the threshold is uneven. Assistance entering may be required.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are some doors and narrow hallways. There is no barrier-free access to the lower or upper-level. 

Wayfinding: The signage for this building is located on a freestanding sign on the left side of the main entrance.

Washrooms: There is no designated accessible washroom at Summer Hill. An accessible washroom is in the Alumni Affairs Office.

Parking: Permit parking is available 5th field company lane and parking lots behind Kingston Hall and Kathleen Ryan Hall. One accessible meter space is located on Stuart Street at George Street, and three spaces are on Stuart Street opposite the Nixon Field underground parking garage entrance.


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