The University Club - 168 Stuart Street


Location: The University Club is set back from the street at 168 Stuart and fronts onto King Street at number 143. The building can be approached from King Street up a sloping walkway, or from Stuart Street.


North (Main entrance):
The accessible main entrance is located on Stuart Street with an automatic door opener. There is a ramp from the front door to the patio area.

South (Accessible entrance):
The entrance from the patio to the north wing of the University Club is by a short plywood ramp. The door does not have an automatic opener.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are doors that act as barriers in the corridors.

Elevators: The elevator is 60” wide and 76” long. The door opening is 40”. There are no audible announcements or Braille buttons. The elevator is not mirrored.

Ramps: No interior ramps, just the exterior ones mentioned above.

Wayfinding: The signage for this building is located on a sign beside the main entranceway.

Washrooms: There are no single-user accessible washrooms in the building. There are two designated accessible washrooms on levels 1 & 2, one male and one female.

Services: A wheelchair is available at the club or visitors if needed. Staff at the University Club are available to assist users and more information can be found on their website. More specific information about accessibility at the club can be found on their accessibility page.

Parking: Permit parking, including two accessible spaces, is available at the University Club parking lot on Stuart Street. There is time-limited parking on Stuart Street, St. Lawrence Avenue, and King Street south of the University Club.


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