Records Management/Storage

Queen's RFP #Q-2012-108-EL

March 1, 2014 to February 29, 2024

Option to extend for another ten year period until February 2034

Iron Mountain

Christine Datta, Buyer & Procurement Analyst or phone: (613) 533-2236 | internal ext. 32236

The Iron Mountain Records Management Service provides a cradle-to-grave solution for long-term storage and ultimate destruction of University records.  This service covers the storage of physical records and documents by Iron Mountain.  Departments will be required to follow the process detailed below to ensure that they are in compliance with the Records Management Program.

  • Contact the Queen’s Records Manager to gain access to the Iron Mountain Connect online portal and receive instruction on how to use IM Connect.
  • Order barcoded boxes via IM Connect.
  • Prepare boxes for pickup as instructed by the Records Manager.  
  • Complete the Iron Mountain Records Transfer spreadsheet (obtained from the Records Manager) and submit to the Records Manager who will confirm that all fields are complete and correct, and will assign a transfer number to your records transfer.
  • Once the Iron Mountain Records Transfer spreadsheet has been completed, the Records Manager will submit it via IM Connect.
  • Request pick up through the Iron Mountain Connect online portal.
  • Pay invoices for Iron Mountain services using Queen's PCard.

For a more in depth explanation of this process please visit the Store Records page on the Records Management and Privacy Office website.

Iron Mountain can supply banker's boxes if required but departments may find it more economical to buy these from our preferred suppliers of Office Supplies.  A standard banker's box of 1.2 cubic feet capacity is the preferred size due to handling issues for the larger boxes.

Details on our Preferred Suppler for Shredding Services is available on this website.

Supplier Contact Information

Iron Mountain Canada

68 Grant Timmins Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 8N2

To connect with this supplier, please contact Queen's Record's Manager.

Iron Mountain website