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In-office shredding services are provided through a collaborative agreement between Queen’s University (Service Agreement #2018-131-DSE-1) and the Ontario Government (Contract MGS OSS-00316614_MGS Public Tender 7279).  This agreement became active on March 1st 2018 and will expire on Feb 28th 2023.  There is an option to extend this agreement for two additional periods of one year each. 

Shred bins or consoles for confidential shredding are provided by Iron Mountain but are invoiced separately from other Iron Mountain services such as records storage, retrievals, destruction and returns.  Shredding services are invoiced under Customer ID # OSSEA and not under your department customer ID number.  

To leave feedback regarding this commodity or the suppliers listed below please contact Steve Young.

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Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Canada
68 Grant Timmins Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 8N2

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General Inquiries:

Eric Mueller
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Shriti Gandhi
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