Capital Assets and Finance Committee

(As approved by the Board of Trustees in May 1996, amended May 2009, amended and name changed May 2013, amended May 2014, May 2017, and October 2018)

I.  Purpose and Authority

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the financial health of the University and the strategic deployment of its buildings, lands and other assets. The Capital Assets and Finance Committee assists the Board in carrying out these responsibilities by monitoring the institution’s financial, property and capital affairs and making related strategic and policy recommendations.

II.  Duties and Responsibilities


  1. The Committee shall report to the Board of Trustees at each meeting of the Board.

  2. The Capital Assets and Finance Committee shall:
    1. Advise the Board of Trustees and the Principal on financial and capital planning and policy, including:
    1. capital assets, financing related to capital assets, and the financing of major capital projects in accordance with Board policies;
    2. acquisition, disposition and planned deployment of real property in support of the Strategic Framework, and oversight of deferred maintenance liability;
    3. review and recommendation of the annual operating budget and monitoring of projections and forecasts;
    4. student fee proposals in accordance with policies and guidelines;
    5. debt management policies, including extent and methods of obtaining external borrowing for operating and capital expenditures;
    6. ensuring the strategic application of financial resources through alignment of contracts brought forward for approval, in accordance with the Board's delegation of authority policies, with the Strategic Framework; and
    1. Utilize a proactive approach to monitor trends, initiatives and developments in the specific risk categories as assigned by the Board of Trustees from time to time and approve strategies and directions to mitigate the likelihood or severity of events or conditions that could contribute to the potential occurrence of the situations described in the respective Risk Definitions for those assigned risk categories.

    2. Act in an advisory capacity to assist the Board of Trustees, and the Principal and his/her Officers in accordance with the foregoing and will not act as a decision-making body unless decision-making authority has been expressly delegated to it by the Board of Trustees.
  3. It shall be the duty of the Principal to see that the Committee is kept fully informed on all financial matters.

III.  Membership

The Committee shall include no more than two external (non-trustee) members.

At least one Trustee committee member must be a member of an internal constituency of the University.

IV.  Meetings

The Committee shall meet as required.


Membership Status Term Ends
P. Deane Ex Officio  
M. Sinclair Ex Officio  
M. Wilson Trider  Ex Officio  
D. Court Appointed Jun-2022
N. Evans Appointed Jun-2024
J. Keohane Appointed Jun-2023
S. Kingsmill Appointed Jun-2022
S. Lounsbury Appointed Jun-2022
C. Matthews Appointed Jun-2022
R. McFarlane Appointed Jun-2022
V. Remenda Appointed Jun-2023
A. Saghari Appointed Jun-2022
P. Walch-Watson Appointed Jun-2024

Chair: R. McFarlane
Vice-Chairs: J. Keohane & S. Lounsbury