Internet Domain Name Procedure


This document outlines the procedure to:

  • Seek Approval for;
  • Register a domain into the Queen’s Domain Service Registry;
  • Ensure the accuracy and currency of the information maintained in the Registry.


1. Approval Phase

Requestors should note the following:

Retaining Ownership:

  • A Domain Name shall be registered to extend beyond the expected life of the website, by paying ongoing registration fees to ensure control of the Domain Name is retained. This includes any web hosting fees incurred.
  • If the Domain Name registration is allowed to lapse (is not renewed):
    • All rights associated with that Domain Name are lost and any other party may register and use it.
    • References to the associated website in publications (electronic or print) will “break” and need to be rectified. This may entail having redirects put in place, which can have recurring costs and in some cases may not be possible.
    • The general public most likely won’t realize that that Domain Name is no longer associated with Queen’s. Any saved bookmarks will no longer take them where they expect.
  • If a contractor is engaged for a website development project, it is imperative that the website is registered to a member of the Queen’s community, not the contractor, whose relationship with the University will typically not persist beyond the project.


  • Depending on who claims an unregistered Domain Name and what it is used for, there could potentially be extremely negative impact to the reputation of the former owner, whether a Queen’s department or individual member of the Queen’s community.
  • This adverse impact may extend to the reputation of the University. The University may then need to pursue legal remedies, which could include the original domain sponsor or owner.

If a Domain Name is lost, getting it back may not be possible, or could entail a costly legal dispute with modest chance of success. There are individuals who make a practice of grabbing freed up Domain Names with the aim of selling them back to their original owner for a significant amount of money.

The decision to go with a Domain Name shall be given very careful consideration. There can be significant implications of this decision, which can include accepting full responsibility for consequences of this course of action (monetary and reputational).

Requestor Completes webform providing required information and submits form. May also chose to request ITS contact to discuss.
ITS Reviews form for completeness and alignment to policy. If within policy parameters, information is added to the Domain Name Register, requested domain name is created and the Requestor is notified. If the request requires an exception, ticket is forwarded to AVP/CIO and Executive Director, Marketing.
AVP/CIO and Executive Director, Marketing Engages Requestor to understand their requirements and provide options.
Requestor Agrees to one of the options presented
AVP/CIO and Executive Director, Marketing Updates ticket and assigns ITS to complete request.
ITS Adds entry to the Domain Name Register and the Requestor is notified
Requestor Works with Domain Registrar to acquire domain name, where necessary (ITS will assist in this acquisition if requested)

2. Registration Phase

ITS Creates initial Domain Name Registry and populates as known. The Registry is saved to a secure file area and access is restricted.
ITS Adds required information into the Registry including license renewal dates/review dates, upon approval of request. In cases where a third-party provider is involved, ITS provides to the Requestor the necessary information to have them registered on the account as a Technical Contact.
ITS Closes request ticket

3. Maintenance Phase

ITS Runs regular reports against Domain Registry to identify upcoming license expiration dates and contacts the named owner.
Named Owner Pays license fees or instructs ITS to do so on their behalf against the Chartfield provided.
ITS Runs yearly reports to identify named owner/DepartmentFaculty/Department-Faculty Head-Dean-Business Officer. This report is provided to each named owner for verification of accuracy of information.
Named Owner Contacts ITS if they determine that they will not renew their licensing/intend to abandon the domain name.
ITS Creates ticket and submits to AVP/CIO and Executive Director, Marketing.
AVP/CIO and Executive Director, Marketing Determine reputational risk to the University attached to the loss of the domain.

Date Approved August 15, 2016
Approval Authority VPOC
Date of Commencement Immediately
Amendment Dates n/a
Date for Next Review 2021
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