Procedure for Naming of Academic Units

Contact Officer: Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Principal (Advancement)


Purpose This procedure outlines the necessary steps when an academic unit naming is proposed to recognize a philanthropic gift. This procedure references the Naming Policy and the Gift Acceptance Policy.
Procedure  Naming of Academic Units
Responsible Officer or Section  

Faculty or School Dean

Step 1:  

Bring to the attention of the Vice-Principal (Advancement) any negotiation with a donor that involves the naming of an academic unit. Advancement will undertake preliminary due diligence activities regarding the donor. The Vice-Principal (Advancement) will convene a meeting of the Gift Review Committee to review the proposal to name. The committee will include a representative from University Relations.

Vice-Principal (Advancement)

Step 2:  

Submit the proposal to name to the Principal and Vice-Principals’ Executive Committee (PVP).

Vice-Principal (Advancement)

Step 3:

The Vice-Principal (Advancement) will bring the matter to the External Relations and Development Committee (ERD) for initial discussion. The proposed gift amount and donor name must be included, along with an overview of the communications strategy, and terms of the naming (i.e. in perpetuity or for a defined term). Once the ERD and Vice-Principal (Advancement) are satisfied that the proposed naming will enhance Queen's reputation and brand (per Naming Policy and Gift Acceptance), and that there are no operational concerns, the proposal to name can proceed.

The Chair of the ERD shall remain informed as subsequent steps of the procedure are completed and may call a further meeting of the ERD if required.

As Applicable

Step 4:

Submit the proposal to name at the relevant Department meeting for approval.
The proposed naming can originate with the Faculty/School Dean, Principal, Provost or Vice-Principal (Advancement). The Principal or Provost may bring a proposed naming to the Department or Faculty/School Board.

Faculty or School Dean

Step 5: 

Submit the proposal to name to the relevant Faculty Board for their approval.

Faculty or School Dean

Step 6:

Submit the proposal to name to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD), which will review the proposed name of the academic unit and make a recommendation to Senate.

Deputy Provost (Academic)

Step 7:  

Submit the proposal to name to Senate, which will review and approve.

University Secretariat 

Step 8: 

Vote for approval taken at Board of Trustees.

University Relations and Advancement

Step 9: 

Communications strategy to be implemented upon approval of the naming.

Date Approved:  2013 October 3, 2016 November 3

Approval Authority:  External Relations and Development Committee

Date of Commencement:  2013 October 3

Amendment Dates: 2016 November 3

Date for Next Review:  2019 November

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