This section applies to any Contracts by which materials and services are purchased, rented and/or otherwise obtained for the purpose of renovation or maintenance1 of property owned or leased by Queen's, or the construction of new university buildings or infrastructure.  This section also includes the execution of Contracts with an Architect or Design Consultant, or Engineer for Construction and Renovation Projects.

RELATED POLICIES: Major Capital Projects Approval Policy

In accordance with Capital Projects Approval Policy and Procedures:

  • Board of Trustees approval is required for Capital Projects with a total cost in excess of $5.0 million.  Approval of Major Capital Projects by the Board of Trustees delegates approval to execute Contracts in accordance with the matrix below within the approved capital project budget.
  • Approval of the Vice-Principals’ Operations Committee (VPOC) is required for Capital Projects with a total cost between $2.5 - $5.0 million.

RELATED PROCEDURE:  Purchase of Goods and Services Contracts (including Construction)

Contract Value Approval required prior to Contract Execution* Signing Officer
up to $100,000   Associate Vice-Principal Facilities or designate
up to $1,000,000 Director, SPS Associate Vice-Principal Facilities
up to $5,000,000 Director, SPS Vice-Principal Finance and Administration
over $5,000,000 Director, SPS Vice-Principal Finance and Administration + Principal 

*Construction funded from research dollars also requires the approval of the Principal Investigator prior to Contract execution

1 - As long as projects have been approved by VPOC in accordance with the Capital Projects Approval Procedure: individual deferred maintenance projects less than $5 million, which have been bundled for procurement purposes to achieve cost savings, and which together will result in a contract in excess of $5 million can be signed in accordance with the Construction signing authority matrix and do not require approval by the Board of Trustees.