Policy Statement on Environmental Management

Queen's University is committed to the protection of the physical environment through the implementation of an effective environmental management program.  The university also acknowledges that the campus is situated on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe and that the administrative, academic, and research activities of the university also take place on the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples across the globe. At a minimum, the University will comply with all applicable environmental legislation and will make every reasonable effort to exceed its formal obligations for protecting the physical environment out of a sense of responsibility for the safety of the physical environment as a shared resource. Members of the University community shall be aware of the manner in which their activities must be conducted in order to have the least possible impact on the physical environment and in a way that recognizes the unique and enduring relationship that Indigenous peoples have with their traditional territories. 

All departments and persons utilizing University premises shall comply with, and if reasonably possible, exceed all environmental statutes and regulations including the provincial Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change policies and guidelines and internal University policies and procedures. Furthermore, it is the duty of all employees or students who are defined as a person responsible under environmental protection legislation to ensure that any person under their direction is made aware of and complies with all applicable environmental statutes and legislation. They shall be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of Queen's premises, including teaching and research sites, pose minimal environmental impact and that any environmental risks and/or hazards are investigated and corrected promptly.

The University shall take reasonable steps to acquaint its employees with their duties and obligations to prevent, contain and clean up the release of pollutants generated at Queen's or as the result of Queen’s activities and with the applicable regulations and procedures for protecting the environment. Where appropriate, the University shall establish special procedures and programs to assist in preventing releases of pollutants, the containment of pollutants, cleaning up spills, recycling materials and reusing them. The University shall facilitate and encourage participation in activities to protect and preserve the environment.

This policy statement was approved by the Board of Trustees at its regular meeting held on May 12, 2023.