Policy Statement on Health and Safety

Queen's University is committed to the prevention of illness and injury through the provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe working, learning, and living environment for its employees, students and, more generally, members of the University community. The University endeavours to meet its responsibilities for the health and safety of the members of its community by complying with or exceeding relevant health and safety standards and legislative requirements, and by assigning general and specific responsibilities for workplace health and safety.

The University acquaints its employees with their rights and duties regarding health and safety in the workplace, which includes teaching and research environments. It takes every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect its employees, students and community members. Where appropriate, the University establishes policies and programs to assist in maintaining safe conditions and work practices, mitigating risks to minimize injuries, and in facilitating employee participation in health and safety activities, including health and safety committees.

All employees, students, and members of the University community must protect their own health and safety by complying with prevailing regulations and standards and with safe practices and procedures established by the University. Employees must report any health hazards and unsafe conditions or practices to supervisory staff for corrective action.

It is a primary duty of all faculty and staff who are supervisors, as defined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, to ensure that any persons under their direction are made aware of and comply with all applicable health and safety policies and procedures. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the workplace teaching and research sites, are safe and that safety risks and hazards drawn to their attention are investigated and corrected promptly.\Queen’s University is committed to an inclusive and safe integration of its employees back into the workplace following an injury or illness.

This policy statement was approved by the Board of Trustees at its regular meeting held on May 12, 2023.