Finance Index of Policies

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Policy Name Issuing Authority Approved/Revised Next Review 

Payment Card Acceptance Policy

Payment Card Acceptance Procedures (Credit and Debit Cards)

University April 2019 March 2024
Engagement of Independent Contractor Procedure University June 2018 June 2023
Hospitality Policy University 2017 2022

Non-Audit Services Process for Pre-Approval 

Audit Committee March 2006 March 2019
Perquisites Policy University 2017 2022

Procurement Policy

Procurement Procedures

Procurement Process Guideline

University April 2017 January 2022

Procurement Card Policy

  Procurement Card Procedure

University April 2017 January 2022

Tracking Moveable Assets Policy 

Procedure for Recording Moveable Assets

Procedure for Disposal of Scrap/Surplus Moveable University Assets

University December 2018 December 2023

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy 

How to Claim an Expense Reimbursement Procedure 

Cash Advances Procedure

Professional Expense Reimbursement Procedure for QUFA Members

University March 2017 March 2018

Travel Credit Card Policy

   Travel Credit Card Procedure

University December 2020 December 2025