PCard means the Queen’s Procurement Credit Card.  The Queen’s Procurement Card is a University authorized credit card assigned to authorized Cardholders allowing the purchase of goods and services up to specified amounts for business purposes.

Cardholder means a University employee who is in possession of a PCard pursuant to this policy.

Card Provider means the financial institution administering the program.

Purpose/Reason for Policy:

Queen’s University has implemented the use of the PCard with the objective of reducing administrative burden for the University community by streamlining the paperwork process and improving acquisition time for low dollar purchases of materials, supplies and services.

The Procurement Card Policy sets out the terms and conditions that govern the issuance and use of PCards.

Scope of this Policy:

This policy applies to all Queen’s University employees.


Policy Statement: 

1. General Standards

The Queen’s University Procurement Card should be used for departmental and research purchasing and payment for goods and services (within established policy limits) where it is efficient, economical, and operationally feasible to do so. 

Procurement of goods and services for personal use is strictly forbidden.  In addition, a list of goods and services that cannot be purchased with the card can be found in the PCard procedures.

The University expects Cardholders to act with strict prudence and professionalism.  Strategic Procurement Services may cancel procurement cards and disciplinary action could result for non-adherence to the Procurement Card Policy and Procedures. 

2. Eligibility for a PCard

Queen’s University employee applications must be approved by the Head of their Faculty or Department.

3.  Limits

The PCard may only be used for the purchase of goods and services up to a limit of $10,000 per single transaction and a maximum of $50,000 per month, including all applicable taxes. Purchases must not be split to circumvent PCard limits. 

4.  Exceptions to the Policy

Requests for exception to this policy must be submitted in writing using the “Request for PCard Policy exception - #P0004 form”.  Exception forms are to be submitted to the Director of Strategic Procurement Services for approval.  The Cardholder should keep the exception approval on file for future audit purposes.


Strategic Procurement Services is responsible to:

  • Administer, oversee, and support all aspects of the PCard program
  • Review expenditures and evaluate the effectiveness of the program
  • Liaise between the Cardholder and Card Provider
  • Monitor compliance with the PCard Policy 

Cardholders are responsible to:

  • Understand and comply with the PCard Policy and Procedures
  • Keep the PCard secure and notify Strategic Procurement Services and the Card Provider immediately should the card be lost or stolen
  • Use the card appropriately in accordance with the Procurement Card policy and procedures
  • Reconcile transactions on a monthly basis
  • Obtain receipts, proper signatures and approvals on all documents
  • Retain receipts for a minimum of seven (7) years
  • In the case of suspected fraudulent activity, immediately advise PCard Provider to pursue corrective action.  The customer service contact information is found on the back of your PCard and also on the documentation you received with your card

Department Head/Approver of Monthly Purchases is responsible to:

  • Notify Strategic Procurement Services no less than two (2) weeks prior to the Cardholder leaving the University, upon termination of employment, maternity or parental leave, or any other applicable circumstances
  • Review and approve PCard statements to ensure that charges are appropriate


Contact Officer

Director, Strategic Procurement Services

Date for Next Review

2022 January 01

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Policies Superseded by This Policy

Procurement Card Policy & Procedures, effective April 1, 2012