Faculty Eligibility for Higher Degrees at Queen's

Approved March 27, 1980

Members of faculty at Queen's University above the rank of lecturer are not eligible to proceed for a degree in the department (or where there is no department, the faculty) in which they hold appointments;

Members of faculty who wish to proceed to a degree in another department or faculty must obtain permission from the dean and department head of the faculty in which they hold their appointment as well as permission from the dean and department head in which the studies are to be undertaken. In the case of work leading to a graduate degree the approval of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research is also required.

The Senate also approved the following guidelines:

The proposed program should serve the purposes of the University as well as the individual. Unless the interests of the University are thought to be served in a substantial way, then permission should be denied.

Discretion should be exercised to ensure that no faculty member proceeds to a degree under the direct supervision of a close colleague.

Leave arrangements should be in keeping with departmental needs and the regulations set out in the Senate document on Academic Leave. The length of the leave, the percentage of released time, the nature and extent of the responsibilities to be discharged in the department, and financial support, if any, should be clearly established before approval is given.

In programs where enrolments are limited, admission of a faculty member should be supernumerary to the enrolment target.