Goals of Orientation

Approved by Senate January 31, 2002

The goals of Queen’s Orientation are:

  • to make all new students feel welcome;
  • to facilitate a smooth transition to university;
  • to build a strong and inclusive community of students;
  • to make new students comfortable in their academic, social, and environmental contexts;
  • to provide a solid foundation for a successful university experience

In order to achieve theses goals, specific objectives include:

  • ensuring that each new student is part of a support network
    • for where they live
    • for their academic program
    • for their personal interests and needs
  • acquainting new students with their environment, including
    • their living environment (e.g., their Residence or, for off-campus students, bus routes, parking, lockers on campus, etc.)
    • the Queen’s campus
    • the Kingston community
    • the units and the systems they will/might access (library, QCard, Student Health, Phys Ed Centre, etc.)
  • fostering a sense
    • of enjoyment
    • of belonging
    • of diversity
    • of responsibility
    • of pride
  • preparing students for
    • the challenges they will face academically
    • the decisions they will face socially
    • the issues they will face personally
  • providing the opportunity for every new student to meet, individually or in a small group, for a time of discussion with a faculty member

In achieving these goals and carrying out these objectives, the utmost respect for the individual and the community will be shown.



Based on the Goals of Orientation the following outlines administrative accountability and responsibility:

  1. the duties of, and accountability for, event approval, handbook approval and general managing of the week shall be the responsibility of a partnership between the Faculty societies, Faculty dean’s office, and the Alma Mater Society; and

  2. the terms of reference of the faculty society representative shall be determined by each faculty society.