Policy on Student Names

Approved by Senate October 22, 2009

Statement of Policy

As Queen's University is committed to the integrity of its student records, each student is required to provide either on application for admission or for registration, his or her complete, legal name. Any requests to change a name by means of alteration, deletion, substitution, or addition must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.

Additional Policy Elements

  1. The complete legal name for Canadian citizens is defined as that name by which they were registered at birth or that name which the individual has assumed via a change, for example, marriage or official change of name.

  2. The complete legal name for those who are not Canadian citizens is that which is provided on passport and/or immigration documents.

  3. Any requests for a change of name by way of alteration, deletion, substitution, or addition made by currently registered or former Queen's students must be made:
    • in writing and signed, and
    • supported with appropriate documentation, defined as follows:
      • birth or baptismal certificate,
      • marriage/separation/divorce documents,
      • passport and immigration documents (study permit or permanent residency),
      • a valid change of name certificate, or
      • a Statutory Declaration Form.
  4. The name to appear on a Queen's diploma is consistent with the name in the student record system. When a student requests that a name different from that in the student record system appear on a diploma, proper documentation (see 3, above) to substantiate the change must be submitted.