Probationary Period Procedure

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To identify the procedures to be followed when applying the Probationary Period Policy.

Queen’s University recognizes the need for a period of time for both the employee and their Manager to assess and adjust to a new employment relationship.

Manager Determines the length of probationary period and consults with a Human Resources Advisor to confirm the probationary period length.
Human Resources Advisor Outlines the length of the probationary period in the employment contract.
Employee Reviews their responsibilities under the Probationary Period Policy, Procedure and Guideline.
Human Resources Advisor Provides guidance, education and assistance to Managers and employees regarding their respective responsibilities during the probationary period.

Establishes regular progress meetings with the employee to assess the employee’s performance and suitability to the job. Documents meeting times and details of items discussed and any project, operational or training commitments established with the employee.

Meets with the employee as soon as possible in the event that performance concerns arise. Clearly outlines and documents the areas of concern. Provides the employee with an adequate period of time (the length of time will vary depending on the complexity of the areas of concern) to change their behavior to meet acceptable standards.

Determines if the employment relationship warrants extension of the probationary period.

Consults with a Human Resources Advisor to confirm and document the extension or alternatively, to make arrangements for termination of employment.

Human Resources Advisor Provides advice and assistance regarding the extension of a probationary period or termination as applicable.

Date Approved 2016
Approval Authority VPOC
Date of Commencement 2016
Amendment Dates  
Date for Next Review 2021
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