Meeting of the Senate

Wednesday 26 May 2010, 9:30 a.m.
Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 202

Preliminary Proceedings: A tribute to Dr. Charles Sorbie (Senator from 1980 to 1983) will be read by Senator Walker.

  1. Opening Session

    1. Adoption of Agenda
    2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 22 April 2010 (PDF*, 378 KB) (Appendix A, page 1)
    3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    4. Chair's Report
    5. [Information]
      Other Reports
      1. Research Report (PDF*, 580 KB) (Appendix B, page 9)
      2. Board of Trustees Meeting, April 30, 2010 (PDF*, 274 KB) (Appendix C, page 19)
      3. Council of Ontario Universities (COU) Meeting of April 23, 2010 (PDF*, 255 KB) – Report by Senator Oosthuizen, Academic Colleague (Appendix D, page 22)
  2. Question Period (Appendix E, page 25)

    1. From Senator Notash (PDF*, 235 KB), inquiring if the School of Graduate Studies could align its deadline for the marks of graduate students with that for the undergraduate student marks, taking into account the undergraduate final exam schedules prepared by the University Registrar’s Office. Written response provided by Senator Deakin, Associate Vice-Principal and Dean of Graduate Studies.
    2. From Senator Notash (PDF*, 470 KB), asking how the University will direct the advisory committee for the selection of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) to take into account recommendations of the DARE report while considering the applicants and their competencies. Written response provided by Principal Woolf.
    3. From Senator Stevens (PDF*, 1,073 KB), asking about the “Framework Agreement” between Queen’s University and the Alma Mater Society, dated April 28, 2010, the Student Life Centre in the Queen’s Centre and the Constitution of the John Deutsch University Centre. Response provided by C. Davis, Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration).
  3. Reports of Committees

    1. Academic Development (Appendix F, page 38)
      1. [Action]
        Amendments to the Senate Policy on the Establishment and Designation of Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Lectureships (PDF*, 2,165 KB)
      2. [Action]
        Proposal for Organizational Restructuring of the Basic Sciences (PDF*, 3,754 KB) in the School of Medicine
    2. Academic Development & Budget Review (Appendix G, page 85)
      1. [Action]
        Proposal to introduce a B.A. program with a minor concentration in World Language Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science (PDF*, 1,838 KB)
      2. [Action]
        Proposal to introduce a B.A. (Honours) program with a major concentration in Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts and Science (PDF*, 1,659 KB)
      3. [Action]
        Proposal introduce a B.F.A. (Honours) program with a major concentration in Fine Art in the Faculty of Arts and Science (PDF*, 1,626 KB)
      4. [Action]
        Proposal to introduce a B.F.A. (Honours) Major-Minor and a B.F.A. (Honours) Major-General in the Faculty of Arts and Science (PDF*, 1,328 KB)
    3. Academic Procedures (Appendix H, page 163)
      1. [Information]
        School of Medicine Progress and Promotion Policy (PDF*, 515 KB)
    4. Budget Review (Appendix I, page 165)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report, 2009-2010 (PDF*, 479 KB)
    5. Creative Arts and Public Lectures (Appendix J, page 167)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report, 2009-2010 (PDF*, 537 KB)
    6. Educational Equity (Appendix K, page 171)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report, 2009-2010 (PDF*, 760 KB)
    7. Library (Appendix L, page 174)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report, 2009-2010 (PDF*, 568 KB)
    8. Nominating (Appendix M, page 177)
      1. [Action]
        Elections (PDF*, 240 KB)
  4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges (Appendix N, page 178)

    1. [Action]
      Centre for Studies in Primary Care, 5-Year Review (PDF*, 1,612 KB)
    2. [Information]
      Queen’s School of Religion Report (PDF*, 507 KB)
  5. Motions

    None Received

  6. Communications (Appendix O, page 191)

    1. [Information]
      New Senators 2010-2011 (PDF*, 453 KB)
  7. Matters Referred to Standing Committees (Appendix P, page 192)

    1. [Information]
      Human Rights and Equity Annual Report (PDF*, 595 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Educational Equity (SEEC)]
  8. Other Business

    None Received

  9. Closed Session

    Not Required


G. Moore
Secretary of the Senate

*PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader.