Nominating Committee

(Amended in 2022)

The Nominating Committee shall:  

  • Oversee the process governing the election of alumni to the Council and the election of University Council Trustees to ensure transparency and accountability in these processes;
  • Liaise with the Board of Trustees' Governance and Nominating Committee;
  • In consultation with the Board of Trustees and the Principal, develop annually a skills and attributes matrix that may be revised from time to time;
  • Actively encourage  alumni whose skills align with the needs of Council and the Board to stand for election to Council;
  • Have the right, together with the alumni, to nominate candidates for election to the Council in accordance with processes established within the by-laws of the Council; and,
  • Report regularly to the Executive Committee and to the Council regarding its activities.


  • One member of the Executive Committee, as appointed by that Committee
  • At least four members of the Council who are not members of the Executive Committee, as appointed by the Executive Committee
Membership Term Ends
Bruce, Doug Sep-2026
Cheung, Samantha Sep-2024
Drinkwater, Mary Sep-2024
Jope, Chessa Sep-2026
Pick, David Sep-2026
Wu, Elaine Sep-2024

Chair:  S. Cheung

Secretary: C. Cusack