Program Committee

(As approved by the University Council Executive Committee February 2014, amended June 2018, June 2019, March 2020, November 2022)

I. Mandate

To develop and recommend the strategic direction and priorities for the Annual Meeting of the University Council (AGM) to the Executive Committee working in collaboration with the University Secretariat.

II. Composition

  1. Membership

    1. At least four elected members of the University Council, each of whom will serve for two years, normally non-renewable, but in 2014, two of these members shall be appointed for terms of one year to introduce staggering
    2. One member of the University Council Executive Committee, who will serve for two years, normally non-renewable
    3. One member of the Board of Trustees who is elected by the University Council and who may or may not also be a member of the Executive Committee, for a term of one year, renewable
    4. A University Equity Advisor shall serve as a non-voting resource person and attend meetings as necessary
  2. Appointment of Members

    The Executive Committee will consider the following when making appointments:

    1. Committee diversity including but not limited to age, gender, geographic location, Queen’s program of study and graduating year;
    2. The desire for a balance of new and returning members.

Normally after a break of at least one year, interested candidates would be considered for appointment again.

    1. Appointment of the Chair

      The Committee will elect a chair annually, normally from among the returning members. The Chair will remain on the Committee for one calendar year following their term.

    III. Responsibilities of the Committee

    1. Seeking input and ideas from the Executive Committee, members of the University Council, and related stakeholders;
    2. Providing strategic-level advice on program content, venue selection, meeting structure, and related pre- and post-meeting activities;
    3. Ensuring that equity, diversity, and inclusion have been considered while planning the meeting;
    4. Participating in committee meetings, either in person or remotely;
    5. Recommending the proposed program to the Executive Committee for approval;
    6. Continuing to provide oversight as the approved program is refined and implemented;
    7. Advising on the development of a post-meeting survey of Councillors; and,
    8. Participating in a post-AGM debrief meeting and in the development of the committee’s final report to the Executive Committee.

    IV. Responsibilities of the University Secretariat

    The University Secretariat assumes all administrative and logistical responsibilities related to the Program Committee and the AGM. Where appropriate, the University Secretariat may seek the advice of the committee chair regarding the items listed below.

    V. Reporting

    The Executive Committee retains responsibility for approving the AGM program, as per University Council by-law B, section 2, subsection b). The Program Committee will recommend the proposed AGM program to the Executive Committee for approval.

    Following the AGM, the Program Committee will provide a final report to the Executive Committee summarizing their experience and may include recommendations for the next Program Committee to consider. The final report will be circulated to all Councillors after it is received by the Executive Committee.

    Membership Status Term
    Anoliefo, Nonyelum Elected Councillor May-2024
    Armitage, John Elected Councillor May-2025
    Black, Heather Council Trustee  May-2024
    Cheung, Samantha Elected Councillor May-2025
    Henry, Willa Elected Councillor May-2024
    Jope. Chessa Elected Councillor May-2025
    Pinnock, Tka Executive Committee Member  May-2024

    Chair: T. Pinnock

    Secretary:  T. Flindall