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University Research Services
University Research Services
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General Research Ethics Board (GREB)

The Principal of Queen's University has invested in the General Research Ethics Board (GREB) the authority to review any proposed research involving human participants that is conducted under the auspices of Queen's University. GREB primarily has human ethics authority over humanities, social science, science, engineering, and administrative research involving humans.

Queen's Federalwide Assurance Number:  FWA00004184. GREB IRB Number: IRB00003062.

Have you read the GREB 2019 Spring Newsletter (PDF, 664 KB) yet?

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Double Check: Have you double checked your consent form against the new GREB LOI/CF Checklist (DOC, 44 KB) yet?

GREB Full Board Meeting & Submission Schedule
Research Concerns


Talk to Us
If you have concerns regarding a research study conducted under the authority of the General Research Ethics Board (GREB); please contact the GREB Ethics Office.

Our Contact information

Telephone: 1-844-535-2988;
or Email: GREB Chair at

Our Role
Your welfare is our concern. If you have any ethics concerns or complaints about a research study, please contact the GREB Ethics Office.

What We Will Do

• We will listen to you and address your concerns,
• We will respect your confidentiality,
• We will keep you informed about the progress of the review and its conclusion.

GREB has the authority to stop a research study until action has been taken to remedy the identified problem.

Contact Us
Name and Title Email Phone Number
Dr. Andrew Winterborn
For scheduling, please contact Mallory Walker
Jennifer Couture
Manager, Research Ethics Compliance
ext. 78223
Crystal McCracken
Ethics Compliance Advisor

ext. 75826
Gail Irving
Ethics Coordinator (GREB)
ext. 78281
Mallory Walker
Ethics and Office Assistant
ext. 74105

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