IP Commercialization Table Summary

This Table provides a summary of the Intellectual Property Commercialization Policy, to assist Creators in determining the applicable provisions of the policy.

  Invention Ownership Obligation to disclose Invention prior to commercialization?

Sharing of Proceeds with University Commercialization Support

(Contributor: University)

Sharing of Proceeds with Independent Commercialization

(Contributor: University)

Researcher Contributor Yes 50:50 100:0
Student - Using University Facilities Contributor Yes 50:50 100:0
Student - Not Using University Facilities Contributor No Not Applicable 100:0
Staff University Not Applicable Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Staff - Supervised by a Researcher Supervising Researcher Yes 50:50 100:0

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the aforementioned Procedure and the provisions of any current and/or future collective agreement covering a Researcher(s), Student(s), and/or Staff, the applicable collective agreement shall govern to the extent of the conflict.