Meeting of the Senate

Thursday 27 November 2008, 3:30 p.m.
Policy Studies 202

A tribute to Mr. Bakhytzhan (Baha) Bekenov, Senator from 2006-2007, will be read by Senator Michael Koichopolos

  1. Opening Session

    1. Adoption of Agenda
    2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 23 October 2008 (PDF*, 941 KB) (Appendix A, page 1)
    3. Business Arising from the Minutes
      1. Update on the potential re-location of the Human Rights Office
    4. Chair's Report
    5. Other Reports
      1. [Information]
        Research Report (PDF*, 463 KB) (Appendix B, page 11)
      2. [Information]
        Council of Ontario Universities (COU) Meeting of October 31, 2008 – Oral Report by Senator Oosthuizen, Academic Colleague
      3. [Information]
        November 2008 Enrolment Report (PDF*, 1,745 KB) (Appendix C, page 15)
      4. [Information]
        Revised 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 Tuition Fee Report (PDF*, 283 KB) (Appendix D, page 27)
  2. Question Period (Appendix E, page 36, see also Appendix O)

    1. From Senator J. Welsh (PDF*, 464 KB), President, SGPS, regarding the Reaching Higher program and allocations to support Graduate Students. Written response provided.
    2. From Senator J. Welsh (PDF*, 229 KB), President, SGPS, regarding a progress report to Senate on recommendations contained in the report entitled “Systemic Racism Towards Faculty of Colour and Aboriginal Faculty at Queen’s University – Report on the 2003 Study, Understanding the Experiences of Visible Minority and Aboriginal Faculty Members at Queen’s University” and on the Senate Educational Equity Committee’s response. Oral response to be provided.
  3. Reports of Committees

    1. Academic Development and Budget Review (Appendix F, page 39)
      1. [Action]
        Proposal to establish a combined M.A. and J.D. Program in Economics and Law (PDF*, 1,133 KB)
    2. Academic Procedures (Appendix G, page 60)
      1. [Action]
        Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates 2008 Convocations (PDF*, 773 KB)
    3. Internal Academic Review (Appendix H, page 61)
      1. [Information]
        Revised Consolidated Schedule of Internal Academic Reviews (PDF*, 318 KB)
    4. Nominating (Appendix I, page 65)
      1. [Action]
        Elections (PDF*, 246 KB)
    5. Non-Academic Discipline (Appendix J, page 66)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report 2007-2008 (PDF*, 243 KB)
      2. [Information]
        Report on Number of Non-Academic Discipline Cases Reviewed 2007-2008 (PDF*, 231 KB)
    6. Orientation Activities Review Board (Appendix K, page 69)
      1. [Information]
        Orientation Report 2008 (PDF*, 310 KB)
    7. Operations Review (Appendix L, page 75)
      1. [Action]
        Proposed Revisions to the Governance Structure of the University Council on Athletics(PDF*, 1,409 KB)
    8. University Council on Athletics (Appendix M, page 89)
      1. [Information]
        Annual Report – January 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008 (PDF*, 599 KB)
  4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges (Appendix N, page 104)

    1. [Action]
      Monieson Centre Five-Year Review (PDF*, 1,005 KB) – Review Committee recommendation to continue operation of the Centre for five more years
    2. [Information]
      Orientation Reports
      1. Education, Law, Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies and Research (PDF*, 402 KB)
  1. Question Period – Cont’d (Appendix O, page 124)

    From Senator Salzmann (PDF*, 229 KB), regarding the University’s response to recent Islamophobic incidents on campus.

  1. Motions (Appendix P, page 125)

    1. [Action]
      Endorsement of the Queen’s University Muslim Students’ Association Anti-Islamophobia Campaign (PDF*, 229 KB)
  2. Communications (Appendix Q, page 126)

    1. [Information]
      Report from the Queen’s University Muslim Students’ Association (QUMSA) (PDF*, 256 KB)
    2. [Information]
      Notification from the Education Students’ Society regarding its intention to secede from the AMS and join the SGPS (PDF*, 236 KB)
  3. Matters Referred to Standing Committees (Appendix R, page 130)

    1. Resubmission by the Faculty of Health Sciences of the proposal to establish the Ernie and Edna Johnson Chair in Ophthalmology (PDF*, 1,358 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD) and the Senate Budget Review Committee (SBRC)]
    2. Policy on Transcript Terminology for Students Withdrawing from Queen’s University  (PDF*, 732 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures (SCAP)]
    3. Residence Discipline Report 2007-2008 – Summary of Actions (PDF*, 1,367 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Non-Academic Discipline (SONAD)]
    4. Motion to Establish a Committee to Draft a Policy on the Protection of Whistleblowers (PDF*, 926 KB) [Referred to the Senate Operations Review Committee (SORC)]
  4. Other Business

    None Received

  5. Closed Session

    Not Required


G. Moore
Secretary of the Senate

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