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Campus Master Plan

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The Campus Master Plan

The updated Campus Master Plan (CMP) for Queen's, released in March 2014, was a significant undertaking and is a strategic milestone in the university’s evolution. The new CMP establishes a vision and framework to guide how the university will physically change over the next 10 to 15 years to accommodate Queen's evolving programs and activities, and in support of the initiative of our faculty, staff and students that makes Queen's a world-class university.

The plan is be supported by polices and strategies related to:

  • enhancing our research and learning experiences
  • reinforcing the strategic and academic goals of the university
  • influencing where and how students, faculty and staff research, learn and interact


The previous Queen's Campus Master Plan was released in 2002. In developing the new plan, the consultant team provided overall support and direction throughout the duration of the project, working closely with Queen's through the CMP Project Team, the CMP Advisory Committee, and the Deans’ Council, which included a representative from every faculty and school.

The project kicked-off in December 2012. Throughout 2013, the consultants and Project Team facilitated stakeholder and community interviews, including various Queen's faculty, staff and students, and representative of the City of Kingston, KGH, and the Near Campus Advisory Committee. The group also hosted several engagement opportunities, including several open meetings and web forums.

Draft recommendations were presented in August 2013, and the final plan was submitted in February 2014 for approval of the Board of Trustees in March.