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Student Wellness Services

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Documentation Requirements

Queen's University accommodates students with permanent or temporary disabilities or diagnosed health conditions.

If you are seeking academic accommodations for reasons of a disability or diagnosed health condition at Queen's University, we require documentation that:

  • Confirms you have a disability or diagnosed health condition and;
  • Provides information on the functional impairments and limitations related to your disability or health condition.

You are encouraged to use our Queen's University Disability Documentation form.  (For an accessible version of the form, please contact QSAS) This form must be completed by a regulated health care professional who either:

  • has a strong understanding of you and your disability  or 
  • can review other documentation you have about your disability and based on it, feels comfortable verifying that you have a disability and can describe the functional impairments you experience because of your disability

The person completing and signing the form must be a regulated health care professional who is licensed to diagnose your disability or comprehensively assess and manage your health condition in the course of providing health care services.  If you have an in-depth assessment report from one of these professionals that confirms your disability and details the functional limitations of your disability, it can be used in place of the Queen's University Disability Documentation Form. The following are examples of regulated health care professionals who may be appropriate to complete this form, depending on your individual disability/health condition:

Audiologist Chiropractor Neurologist
Nurse Practitioner Occupational Therapist Optometrist
Ophthalmologist Physician - Family Physician - Psychiatrist
Physician - Specialist Physiotherapist Psychologist
Psychological Associate    

Disclosing Your Diagnosis: 
Disclosing a specific health diagnosis is not required to receive academic accommodations and support services from QSAS. However, should you decide to disclose this information, please note that all medical information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of QSAS, including with your instructors, without your explicit and written consent.

Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities (LD) are required to submit a copy of their psycho-educational or neuro-psychological assessment that has been completed within three (3) years of beginning your Undergraduate Degree at Queen's. Students may submit a copy of their individual educational plan (IEP) but it is not sufficient for granting academic accommodations at Queen's.

Student may choose to redact information from their psycho-educational assessment or any other report if they feel it is not relevant to their functional limitations or need for accommodations.

Students Waiting for Documentation

Students undergoing assessment or evaluation for a disability or health condition by a regulated health care professional, but still waiting for a confirmed diagnosis are also eligible for supports and advice from QSAS, up to and including interim academic accommodations.

Students in this situation are advised to provide their health care professional with a copy of the Queen's University Disability Documentation form, to be completed with information about the student's functional limitations known to date.  For an accessible version of the form, please contact QSAS.

If students are waiting for assessment results or for appointments with health care professionals, they may also submit any other documentation they have available in support of their request for academic accommodations, including:

  • Out-of-date psych-educational or neuro-psychological assessments
  • Out-of-date medical documentation
  • Individual educational plans (IEPs)

Please Note:  QSAS will decide on granting interim academic accommodations by considering the supplementary documentation submitted and information gathered during a personal, confidential advising appointment.