Substance Use Wellness Tool


This tool was developed with students and researchers across Canada to help students understand their own substance use. 

Students will be asked questions to gain a better understanding of how substance use is impacting their overall well-being.

This is a self-reflection opportunity, it is NOT a diagnostic tool. 



These resources provide support for a variety of health and wellness concerns, including substance use. 

Student Wellness Services  
Get access to campus, wellness-specific resources

Empower Me
Speak to qualified councilors and coaches that can guide you through any problems. Support is offered in English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, German, and Italian.


AMS/SGPS Peer Support
Connect with your peers to collectively tackle challenges.

AMS Peer Support Centre for Undergraduate Students

SGPS Peer Support Centre for Graduate Students


Wellness Together Canada

If you are in distress text WELLNESS to

Telehealth Ontario - Teleconferencing with a nurse [medical resource]
Speak to a registered nurse who can guide you through mental health or substance use problems in a medical context. This resource is free and confidential.

These resources specifically support substance use.  

In-person drug and alcohol support |Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) clinics
Walk-in to receive in-person care and counselling

Anonymous Alcoholics
Join a non-professional, self- and peer-support network to join those that are working towards improving their substance usage.


Quality Addiction Care in Canada
Visit the QAC website to schedule an in-person consult with renowned national advisors.


Ontario Drug and Alcohol Helpline
Receive 24/7 confidential, anonymous health services


These resources provide holistic support to Queen's students. 


Office of Faith & Spiritual Life

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

Yellow House


If you would like to learn more about substance use, our online learning module is designed to support a basic understanding of Harm Reduction and campus & community resources for Queen's students.