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Celebrating Chancellor James Leech

A Fitting Tribute

As the term of Queen’s 14th Chancellor James Leech concluded on June 30, 2021, we honoured his extraordinary impact with a fundraising campaign to create a lasting legacy; the Jim Leech Ceilidh Centre.

The fundraising campaign exceeded its goal, raising $1,750,000 in new gifts and commitments to support the revitalized John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC). 

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Jim Leech

A key part of the John Deutsch University Centre Revitalization Project, the reimagined Ceilidh will be an important hub of student life at Queen’s. Chancellor Leech’s support for students is at the heart of his work with Queen’s University; and the Ceilidh is the ideal space through which to acknowledge his service.

Join alumni, students, and friends and make your own gift to the JDUC Revitalization Campaign. 

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JDUC Ceilidh

Central to Students

Ceilidh (pronounced kay'lee) is the Gaelic word for an informal gathering for music, dance, and storytelling. The revitalized Ceilidh — the heart of the JDUC — will be a large open space where members of the Queen’s community come together to celebrate, debate, innovate, and create.