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It's time.

It's time.

A new vision for a new JDUC

Every generation of Queen’s students leaves a philanthropic imprint on our campus. This is your opportunity to help today’s students leave their mark.

You no doubt remember The John Deutsch University Centre as the centre of Queen’s student life. When you weren’t in class, the library, or the gym, chances are you were hanging out in the JDUC. It didn’t matter what you were studying or which faculty you belonged to, the JDUC was your unofficial home.

Today’s Queen’s students are imagining an exciting future for the students who follow in their footsteps. And that future starts at the JDUC.

Our students have a new vision for their student life centre. It’s a vision that’s inspired by its history – by your history.

They envision a sustainable, accessible, bustling hub for all student life at Queen’s, a modern gathering space where time-honoured traditions thrive and new traditions are born, a place where every Queen’s student can feel right at home.

It’s time to help make it happen.