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Course outlines for Fall 2020

Here are course outlines for the fall term 2020. Please note that these outlines are tentative, may be incomplete and may change during the first weeks of classes. We are updating this page frequently. Some course outlines are unavailable at this time.

Course outlines for the winter term are not available at this time


ANSH 101 Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture I

ARAB 100 AB Introductory Modern Standard Arabic

ARAB 200 AB Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

CHIN 100 Introductory Mandarin Chinese I

CHIN 200 Introductory Mandarin Chinese II

CHIN 300 Intermediate Mandarin Chinese 

GRMN 101 Beginner's German I

GRMN 201 Intermediate German I

GRMN 311 Topics in Cultural History I

GRMN 317 Contemporary Germany through Media and News

HEBR 190 Introduction to Modern Hebrew

ITLN 111 Beginning Italian

ITLN 204 Italiano intermedio

ITLN 310/ LLCU 210 Italy and the Classical Tradition

JAPN 100 Introductory Japanese I

JAPN 200 Introductory Japanese II

INDG 301 Contemporary Indigenous Art

LLCU 111 Introduction to Cultures

LLCU 205 Cultures of a Nation: Mexico

LLCU 214 Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth

LLCU 247 The Dynamic History of Spain

LLCU 249 Latin Lovers: Love, Sex and Popular Culture

LLCU 316/ SPAN 406 Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory and Analysis

LLCU 354/ SPAN 354 Women’s Voices in Latin America

LLCU 395 Jewish Latin America

LING 100 Introduction to Linguistics

LING 310 Phonetics

LING 330 Morphology

LING 340 Syntax

LING 350 Introduction to Historical Linguistics

MOHK 101 Beginning Mohawk Language and Culture I

SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 204 Español intermedio

SPAN 301 Gramática avanzada y composición I

SPAN 351 Panorama literario latinoamericano I

SPAN 380 Panorama literario de España I