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Travel Credit Card (TCard)

The TCard program includes two card options: Departmental and Individual.  Note, this program replaces the previous American Express (AMEX) Corporate Program.

Departmental TCard: The purpose of this TCard is for the coordination of travel within a department - group or infrequently employee travel.  Examples would include: rental vehicles; train tickets, airfare, etc.; and securing accommodations.  Departmental TCards are not for individual travel use including incidental expenses such as gas, meals, etc.

Individual TCard: The purpose of the Individual TCard is for Queen's employees who travel on university business fairly frequently.  All travel expenses during a person's business travel can be charged to the TCard.  Individual TCards are to be used only by the person issued the credit card (i.e. cardholder name listed on card) and in no circumstance should an individual card be used to pay for another employee's travel related expenses.


Benefits of a Scotiabank Travel Credit Card

  • Appropriate insurance coverage for rental vehicles (complete insurance coverage for rental vehicles provided through Scotiabank Travel Card)
  • Reduces need for cash advances
  • Daily feed from Scotiabank to ERS for ease of completing travel reimbursement requests

For information on the TCard Policy and Procedure, please visit our Policies & Legislation page.

Applications are accepted via acQuire (access via the MyQueen'sU portal), under the Credit Card Forms on the acQuire main page.

Mandatory training is a requirement in order to receive your card - see Training for further details.

Questions regarding the TCard, should be directed to the Business Services & Logistics team at email: