Procedure – Required Reporting by Affiliated Entities

Contact Officer: AVP Finance 


This procedure describes the required reporting that Affiliated Entities must provide to the university.



Annually, each Affiliated Entity shall submit to the Vice-Principal (Finance & Administration) or their designate:
1. If applicable, a copy of the Entity’s annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year together with a document that describes the business plans for the upcoming fiscal year. The office of the VPFA will forward a copy of the budget to the office of Planning and Budget as well.
2. If applicable, a copy of its financial statements, audited by independent Chartered Professional Accountants, the management letter, and management's response thereto on at least an annual basis.
3. A copy of its annual income tax return.
4. Minutes of meetings of its governing body from the previous year.
5. Confirmation of adequate insurance coverage.
6. Other such information that may be requested by the university from time to time. For example: a list of current directors and officers, current copies of governing documents and a brief description of the affiliate’s activities during the prior year.


Date Approved: 2018/10/12

Approval Authority: VPOC

Date of Commencement: 2018/10/12

Amendment Dates:

Date for Next Review: 2023

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