Royal Charter History

Queen’s University was established by a Royal Charter issued by Queen Victoria on October 16, 1841.  The links below take you to a copy of the original Royal Charter as well as the text of the Consolidated Royal Charter.

The original Royal Charter is held in Queen’s University’s Archives and a copy of it can be seen on the second level of the John Deutsch University Centre.  The Charter established Queen’s as a university, created a Board of Trustees, provided for a Senate, and created the post of Principal, among many other aspects of the university’s structure.

The Consolidated Royal Charter takes into account all amendments made to the original Charter since 1841.  When Queen’s wishes to make an amendment to its Charter, the approval of Canada’s Parliament is required.  Changes have included the creation of the position of Chancellor in 1882 and numerous changes from 1912 to 1916 that permitted Queen’s to separate from the Presbyterian Church.

If you have questions about the original or consolidated Royal Charter, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.