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Why Study Con-Ed at the BISC?

The Con-Ed program at the BISC is the only program of its kind where, as a Canadian student, you can spend your entire first year learning about an international educational system in situ. Every week you will spend time in school, learning about teaching in the UK context.

In the first term you will focus on primary education for 4-11 year olds, and in the second term you will work alongside secondary school pupils. Fulfilling your practicums alongside your regular classes, you will experience all the benefits of our unique interdisciplinary program. These include close contact with your professors, covering a wide range of expertise; academic pursuits outside of the classroom environment with Experiential Learning Opportunities a key feature of the BISC academic experience and part of every course that we offer; and a chance to shape your academic path as you wish as you select from the wide range of courses on offer.

Battle Abbey School Battle Abbey School

Con-Ed at the BISC is an experience that is very valuable to any teacher candidate and one that should be taken advantage of. I was able to participate and have a hands-on experience of what it is like to be a teacher in a different part of the world. I was able to learn from both the teachers and the students about how their education system works and I will [be able to] make my classroom a more positive and inclusive learning environment for all types of learners. I have not only learned about the UK education system, but I have also learned many new things about myself. Con-Ed at the BISC has touched my life and provided me with so much, and I will forever be grateful for the experience.
Lanza, BISC Con-Ed, 2018-19

Unique Practicums

  • Gain international experience to set yourself apart from your peers.
  • Take part in observations at local state primary and secondary schools.
  • Talk with the Heads of these schools to get a deeper understanding of educational strategy and career paths.
  • Opportunity to run after-school clubs with primary school pupils.
  • Visit Battle Abbey School to experience a renowned British private school.

Before I began my Practicum I was a confident speaker and had no issues getting up in front of a group of people to talk, but having the chance to experience both a primary and secondary school classroom dynamic has showed me that you need a whole new level of confidence to be a successful teacher. The unwavering positivity, motivation and support from the teachers I have worked alongside has made me see that being a teacher isn’t just about being prepared, it’s about being present. You can do hours and hours of preparation for a class, but none of that matters unless you connect with your students.
Harriet, BISC Con-Ed, 2018-19

Dedicated Con-Ed Careers Night

  • Start your career strategy early.
  • Hear from a distinguished “Super Head” guest speaker.
  • Meet Canadian teachers now working in the UK.
  • Presentations from UK recruiting agencies.
  • Gain invaluable insights from experienced mentors.

Already enrolled in Con-Ed at the BISC?


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